CV Mag. Michael Estermann

Curriculum Vitae Mag. Michael Estermann

Married, 2 children, lives in Bad Leofelden, Austria


  • Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, graduated 2000
  • Homeopathy at the European Academy for Veterinary Homeopathy
  • Osteopathy and physiotherapy (nach Welter Böller) for horses and dogs
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, basic education, based on the five elements

My Philosophy:

To carry weight on the back is a very difficult and sportive action. Therefore, we have to treat horses like sportsmen.

A basic part of the training should be stretching the muscles to avoid a loss in movement and to keep the horse physically and mentally healthy.

My treatment is not only osteopathic.

I have combined and modified several stretching exercises into a basic program.

My osteopathic treatment works in combination with this basic stretching program, myofascial release therapy, massage and physiotherapy. I teach this treatment to my clients, so they can do it by themselves.

For me it is important that the horses get stretched 3-4 times a week to stabilize the symmetry and freedom of movement I achieve in my treatment.

Only a body, which can move freely and as symmetric as possible, is able to keep up physical and mental health.